Alumec aluminum and steel for lebanon, jordan, qatar and nigeria
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About Us

Company Overview

ALUMEC S.A.R.L. is a company specialized in Aluminum, Steel, Glazing and Roofing works.
ALUMEC is currently active in Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Nigeria .
In 2005, ALUMEC expanded its business market by taking projects in Nigeria.
ALUMEC expanded its business market by taking projects in Nigeria.
ALUMEC has established two companies outside Lebanon, starting with ALUMEC- Jordan in 2006 and recently launching ALUMEC- Sudan in 2009.

Both companies have complementary factories to facilitate and execute works taking advantage of ALUMEC's know how in Lebanon
ALUMEC is committed to Saudi Arabia, Syria and Qatar by deploying projects and coordinating them from Lebanon.

Business Strategy

ALUMEC’s job is to execute aluminum, steel, glazing works and roofing systems. Our mission is to contribute to the construction field offering innovative concepts and high quality manufacturing & execution.

To achieve this, our strategy relies on several points:

We vigorously exploit the advantage of a dynamic, flexible family enterprise.
The experience and motivation of our staff is a major reason for success. Our fixed charges are limited thus offering competitive prices with the highest quality.

All metal (steel/ stainless steel) and aluminum works are manufactured in our factories. Our technical/design staff is directly involved with the execution teams on site. This saves times, guarantees high quality, facilitates meeting deadlines, and enables us to implement new ideas quickly.

Being established in different countries in the region (Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar), and due to our experience in working in various countries (Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh), our teams are qualified in working under changing conditions.

We are ranked among the top regional companies in the sector by providing innovative solutions and guaranteeing high quality in manufacturing and execution.

We aim to expand the market share with an acceptable profit and to be one of the top leaders in the local market.
In 2008 and 2009, ALUMEC will be reinforcing its position as a regional company to become among the leading companies in the field within year 2010.